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Funerals are a time of grief and celebration wrapped in one. While we grieve the parting of a loved one, we also celebrate what God did through them, the life they lived and the legacy they left us.

In keeping your loved one's memory and legacy, the following options are included.

  • Non- Denominational Christian Services
  • Religious Service Traditional/Formal
  • Religious Service Contemporary/Informal (non-traditional)
  • Non-Religious (Secular) Service (NO Spiritual Content)
  • Funeral Service at Funeral Home, Church, Park, etc. . .
    • followed by Graveside Committal Service
    • Full Funeral with Committal not at Graveside (ie: Cremation)
    • Full Funeral at Graveside
    • Basic Committal Service at Graveside
    • Memorial Service (Body of decedent is not present)
Military Services ~ when appropriate. . . Welcomed, Respected and Observed with or without Honor Guard being present. Includes
  • pre funeral interview/consultation in person or via telephone.
  • Pastor/Funeral Officiant will conduct personalized Funeral Service at your location... 
  • Funeral home, park, chapel, church, graveside etc...
  • My time to write a personalized funeral service and Eulogy.
  • May include the use of recorded or live music selections according to preference and desire of the family.
  • Also includes after care ministry (Counseling) for the family or individual family members as needed or desired (at the family's discretion)
  • Family will receive a printed copy of the service to keep.
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